Hello again! We’re back with another entry in our Lyrics of Legend series! In case you didn’t notice, we now have an actual logo for Lyrics of Legend, courtesy of Gooey Fame, one of the writers on our Zelda Dungeon staff! I wanted to take a minute to thank him for making it for this series.

These lyrics were actually some of the early ones that I wrote. Back when I bough Twilight Princess HD when it first came out, I received a CD with some orchestra renditions of some of the tracks from the game. The version of Hyrule Field that was on that CD is what I wrote these lyrics to, though I now realize that the two tracks do have a few differences. However, I personally prefer this version – it sounds more epic and adventurous to me.

And now, I present to you: From Twilight Princess, the Hyrule Field theme!

I won’t give up! I’ve had enough!
In a world overrun with Twilight
I shall press on, prepare to face my might!
I have my goal just within sight:
To restore Midna to her throne
And to separate her world from our own.
I’m coming to save you, Oh fair Hyrule;
I won’t give up! I’ve had enough!
I can’t be stopped! I’ll fight, one for all!
Ordon, Faron, Eldin and Lanayru:
Don’t give up hope, I will help you!
As I’m riding on, hold tight to this song:
Listen, to a song of hope
Of our whole world restored:
“We don’t have to be afraid
The evil ones will rue the day
That they invaded our fair land of Hyrule.
The Chosen One sharpens his blade
And clothed in green he’ll find a way
To restore the balance to fair Hyrule!
We don’t have to be afraid!
(Don’t you give up now)
The Chosen One will find a way!
(Sing it long and loud)

The evil ones will face the Blade
And it will drive them all away.”

I had to work with these lyrics a bit from the original version to come up with something that I was more pleased with presenting. I did make a reference in these lyrics to another set of lyrics that I have previously written; however, they were for Pokemon game, not a Zelda game, so they won’t be shared here in the foreseeable future.

While this is not a series that will be based on user submissions like Artists of Legend is, that does not mean that I will not accept submitted lyrics from readers! If you have lyrics to a specific track that you’d like to share with me, just leave them in a comment below or message them to me on Twitter. They might end up appearing in a Lyrics of Legend post eventually!

I hope that you enjoyed these lyrics written that I wrote to the Hyrule Field theme from Twilight PrincessI look forward to sharing more lyrics with you next time!


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