LoZ Manga Update

Now that we’re back, things should begin rolling again, which means more updates for Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Fantasy manga series. As always, credit goes to the wondeful BerriBlue.

When we last left off weeks ago, Link entered the Crescent Moon Inn and was awaiting a hot cop of tea. Not exactly the most climactic part of the story, but you can’t choose when you have server issues—there shouldn’t be any more of that, however. In any case, below are pages 86 – 103.

Page 86

Page 87

Page 88

Page 89

Page 90

Page 91

Page 92

Page 93

Page 94

Page 95

Page 96

Page 97

Page 98

Page 99

Page 100

Page 101

Page 102

Page 103

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