Lost Woods Dubstep

This track, created by SoundCloud user Ephixa, is a dubstep remix of the Lost Woods theme. Dubstep is techno music characterized by overwhelming bass and very fast/tight syncopated rhythms. You can find more of Ephixa’s work on his website, his Sound Cloud profile or his YouTube channel.

The remix is pretty tame until about 30 seconds in.

I personally loved this rendition of the Lost Woods theme. The usually upbeat song was taken and broken down to a slower beat creating a more traditional dubstep sound. I’m usually not a big fan of dubstep songs, but this one is very catchy and that it’s a remix of Zelda song definitely helped.

I love the use of Navi’s “Listen!” through the song and some of the sounds throughout the remix reminded me of Kargaroks from Twilight Princess. Ephixa also seamlessly included the sound from saving the game in Ocarina of Time (thanks Michelle). Whether that was the intention or not is unknown to me, but I definitely appreciate it. So what did you think of the piece? Let us know in the comments.

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