I’ll be the first to admit at being surprised by how successful Nintendo Labo has become. This cardboard arts and craft project from the Big N has reportedly met their sales expectations, and they are already promising that this is just the beginning. Out of the Labo projects I’ve seen, the most entertaining one so far has been the piano. I’ve already seen a couple of amazing music ventures using it, and the Zelda one we’re looking at today is no different.

This Zelda music medley by geniway uses the full capabilities of not only the Nintendo Labo piano kit, but the musical app capabilities of the Switch as well. What we wind up getting is a very unique Zelda cover from a device that is pretty much just cardboard. But despite its humble appearance, this arrangement is as beautiful as any other we’ve covered in the past.

What do you folks think of this cover? What are your thoughts on the capabilities of the Nintendo Labo? Let us know in the comments below!

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