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Ah yes, the Triforce. The ultimate prize in the world of Zelda. It gives Ganondorf his power, Link his courage, and Zelda her wisdom. Fans everywhere have been longing to hold all three pieces in their hands so that they may put an end to evil once and for all, and bestow the ultimate power of the goddesses upon themselves. It is the center piece of the beginning of the Zelda time line, and in many regards the sole driving force of all life in Hyrule. However, the Triforce has long overstayed its welcome in the Zelda realm.

Triforce Emblem

Introduced in 1986, the Triforce first made its appearance in the original Legend of Zelda title. It was was a introduced as a sacred treasure held by the royal family, and later turned out to be the symbol of courage, wisdom, and power. Twelve years later, the origin of the Triforce is finally revealed in arguably the greatest game of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Three goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, gave the gift of land, water, and life to the world known as Hyrule. Upon finishing their creation, they departed for the heavens, leaving behind the Triforce at that mystical point. It became the symbol of divine providence for the people, the power believed to be sustaining and guiding their destiny. So, how could such an important object be merely thrown away? After all, it was ingrained into the three main characters of the Zelda franchise.

The answer lies in the fault of the world the Triforce represents. It created a seemingly never ending cycle of greed and lust that forces the three parts of the Triforce to directly collide with each other, much like when the symbol was created. It locked Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf into the realm of Hyrule while not allowing the classic plot line of the series to move progressively forward. How could the Zelda world exist without its symbol of creation?

Zelda and Link

In some respects it already has. Look no further then within the series itself. Majora’s Mask represents a time, a world, that didn’t revolve around some divine providence. In this world, the characters all carried a lot of personality. There were many different views on the world at hand, and there was no mystical Triforce to be found. The story had a much darker tone, and everything we had become accustomed to, even Zelda herself, seemed not to matter anymore. This was a new world, a world that needed someone like Link to come along and truly make a lasting difference. A world that contained a evil that could be beaten once and for all, and lead to troubled and confusing endings that still leave many today wondering what all the undertones of the game really mean.

Of course, I can’t simply make a plea for another Majora’s Mask game. There can be but one, but it’s the same sort of argument for the franchise as it stands today. There can be but one A Link to the Past and one Ocarina of Time. In some respects, even Nintendo has realized this to a point. Phantom Hourglass did not revolve around the Triforce, for example. The Minish Cap added a confusing twist that seemed to occur before the Triforce was prevalent as well.

The Triforce is restricting in a sense. It hasn’t allowed our hero to go to far beyond his humble abode. While many of us can accept that this is just the ways things are suppose to be, I for one will always be looking for something more. I want my next tale to have a new story, a new world. The one that Zelda and Link find that doesn’t revolve around these ancient powers held within them. New adventures, lands, and enemies to conquer. A new Zelda for a new world. In this world, the Triforce does not matter anymore.

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