Loads of Stuff

It has been pretty slow here when it comes to site updates recently, but I have a lot of updates for you guys. First off, I have added all your e-mail mailbag submissions and replied to them, View Mailbag. I have also added our first few ‘Your Zelda Ending’ submissions.

It seems this Zelda 64 Project is becoming a big hit, each person that sent in a question about it was answered in the mailbag section. Mostly people are asking to be writers, I think we have enough of those but still, the more help the better. For anyone to take part in this must have vast knowledge of beta Ocarina of Time (not the beta quest!).

Also, for anyone that is sending in fan fictions/theories, we have yet to edit those two sections. So, all your pieces will be added as soon as we get done with that.

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