The 3rd live video podcast took place here at Zelda Dungeon yesterday and it is now available for viewing at Google Video.

Zelda Dungeon Video Podcast #3

A special thanks to Matt, who is a Hylian Hero at the Zelda Dungeon Forums, as well as an administrator over at, for being our special co-host for this podcast.

This podcast includes a run through of recent site updates, forum information, and recent news. We also talk about the patent that was posted here at Zelda Dungeon just over a week ago. Matt and I both give a rundown of what some of the patent means and our views on how it could potentially impact Nintendo or a possible Zelda title. Of course, the patent’s use is not entirely known and it is just speculation, but here at Zelda Dungeon, we are not scared to post rumors and speculation about Zelda. We like to give our friends and fans the information so that it can be interpreted by them. The podcast concluded with a question and answer section as well as a few live questions from the fans who were actively taking part in the shoutbox.

As always, the podcast could use some improvements and adjustments. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them in to me at or private message me at the forums. It’s never too early to send in questions for the 4th Zelda Dungeon Podcast, which will take place in roughly two weeks. Enjoy!

~ Mases
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