“Zelda’s Lullaby” is many things — iconic, classical, soothing — but it’s a far cry from a hot EDM track. Well, the masterminds at OverClocked ReMix are here to change your perceptions with a little 80’s flare!

Club Ocarina is the latest, beat bumping-est Zelda album produced by the legendary collective. Each remixer rose to the challenge — turning the roster of ocarina tunes into EDM classics, a feat considering that the original tunes in Ocarina of Time typically last less than the average ringtone. Yet, each musician completed the challenge and made it sing.

“Zelda’s Lullaby” as reimagined by Emunator and Flexstyle alone will have you pumped to be up all night long. From the first synth note to the last drum hit, you’ll feel like you’re riding Epona over streets of light. The cover art is just as tasty as the beats, and there is very little I wouldn’t do to have it as a poster in my game room.

So what do you think? Did this work inspire you to pull out your jean jacket and aviators? Will you be naming your next Delorean Epona, and jamming out on betamax? Let us know in the comments!

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