Live New Years Day Video Podcast

The day the world stands still. Nothing seems to ever happen on New Years Day. All the party’s and fun stuff happens on New Years Eve, and almost all the stores are closed on New Years Day. This is where Zelda Dungeon comes in.

This coming New Years, Zelda Dungeon will be hosting a Live video podcast over at the Zelda Dungeon Forums. The podcast will last roughly around 45 minutes or so, but could be more or less, depending on how things go. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. I will be live on Podcast for much longer in an unrecorded, unedited, live video stream at the forums. During the podcast I will be joined by a special guest from one of our affiliate websites.

So what is involved in the podcast you may ask? The podcast is broken down into a few segments. First we will discuss news around the site. Second we will discuss recent happenings in the Zelda world. Then we will open up the discussion and I’ll be giving an interview to my special guest on the podcast. We will finish off with a question and answer section. The cool thing about being at the podcast live, is that you can take part in the shoutbox while the podcast is actually going on. What will happen is the shoutbox, which acts as a mini-chatroom, is cut down in width and aligned to the left. Then the video is embedded and placed just to the right of the shoutbox. You can communicate with us and each other while the video is going. I’m hoping to have some more interaction with the fans live and we’ll just see how it goes.

What I need from you fans now is some questions and suggestions. Send in any questions that you have and we will select a few of them for our Question and Answer section for the podcast. Also, any suggestions on possible new segments, or any general suggestions to help improve the podcast can be helpful.

Hope to see you in a few days. Come ring in the New Year at Zelda Dungeon!

~ Mases
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