The main theme from Breath of the Wild is an awesome melody that will probably give Zelda players the chills for many years to come. Making its debut in the game’s official trailer last year in June, the theme really set the tone for Breath of the Wild and gave the game its sense of adventure and openness. Although the original version is quite amazing, a group of Zelda-loving musicians recently came together and made their own cover of this memorable song.

The group known as the Hikari Woodwind Quintet have released their stunning cover of the main theme on YouTube, uploading the video to Kate LovelyMomo‘s channel, who is part of the quintet. Their version of Breath of the Wild‘s theme is very orchestral and sounds quite beautiful. This woodwind cover will no doubt give any Zelda fan goosebumps, and being a former flute player myself, this song really made my heart flutter happily.

What did you think of the woodwind quintet? Did you enjoy it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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