Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild both contain strong connections to the Sheikah tribe, the guardians of the royal family and loyal servants of the Goddess Hylia. In Skyward Sword, Impa plays a key role as a mentor and protector to Zelda, while Sheikah technology plays a critical role across the entire landscape of Breath of the Wild.

This composition by Rebecca E. Tripp and Gamer of the Winds combines the Sealed Grounds theme from Skyward Sword, and the Sheikah Tower theme from Breath of the Wild. The two songs are an intriguing, but natural fit, as both locations/structures serve as key places within their respective game, with both being revisited multiple times through the games’ run time.

The Sealed Grounds theme has a strong air of mystery, which is created using a percussion/marimba sound as well as a beautiful flute. With these two instruments/sounds at the forefront, other instruments are added to build up the wall of sound. This version of the Sheikah Tower is intriguing as the instrumentation is rich, quite different from the austere version in the game’s soundtrack. Overall, this mini medley seems to meet somewhere in the middle of Skyward Sword‘s sound and Breath of the Wild‘s sound. Tripp asserts that her strategy for arranging the song was to create a “more ‘earthy’ [feeling], but after a while, it gets more ‘airy’ as we are lifted up into the clouds, atop the tower(s).”

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