After spending eight of my formative years in middle school and high school band, one of my favorite instruments is the marimba. Often seen as a larger relative of the xylophone, the marimba is large set of wooden bars that the player usually strikes with a soft mallet. The marimba usually has a softer tone than the xylophone (due to how the two instruments are tuned) and the sound of a soft mallet on the Marimba’s wood produces a very pleasing tone.

This main theme cover by Tim Gaborit is an exciting rendition of the classic tune. This version of the song uses a variety of percussion including marimba, timpani, cymbal, vibraphone, and snare drum. One of the best things about many of the modern arrangements of Zelda‘s “Main Theme” is the sense of build up within the song. This version of the song starts out quietly and gradually build as more instruments are added to the mix.

I would love to see this version of the main theme in a game, perhaps during a quiet story moment or as part of a credit sequence. It is more playful than many of the overpowering brass and full orchestra version that appeared on the 25th Anniversary CD.

What do you think of this rendition of the main theme from The Legend of Zelda? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Tim Gaborit


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