Fi’s theme is one of the best songs in Skyward Sword, a mysterious and intimate piece of music that stays with you long after the game is finished. The song first first appears as the sword spirit guides you through Skyloft at night, with the stars twinkling around you.

This remix of “Fi’s Farewell” by Ace Waters does an incredibly job of capturing the beauty and mystery of the character. The diverse cover includes a traditional piano and an acoustic guitar, along with synthetic sounds that build up the wall of sound. This intriguing and distinct assortment of sounds and instruments meld together to capture the strange identity of the sword spirit: part mystical, part mechanical, 100% beautiful.

While some synth arrangements/covers run the risk of losing the elements that made their respective songs iconic, Ace Waters is able to capture the mystery, tenderness, and bitter-sweet nature of saying goodbye to a beloved character. It’s rare to see an arrangement that so perfectly blends elements of the original sound with synthetic sounds. Without a doubt, this is one of the most haunting and beautiful renditions of a Zelda song I’ve ever heard.

What do you think of this arrangment of “Fi’s Farewell”? Let us know in the comments below!

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