Clock Town is one of the most well-developed locations in the Zelda series; a place that few fans will ever forget once they have played Majora’s Mask. Despite being relatively small in size, the city is one of the most finely crafted locations in the series, and it contains a host of distinct NPCs for Link to interact with. The three day cycle in Majora’s Mask, complete with its own weather patterns and NPC movements, gives the player the feeling that Clock Town is a dynamic place rather than a stagnant one.

Another key element that makes Clock Town so memorable among the Zelda series’ wide variety of towns and cities is Clock Town’s diverse music. While most towns in games like A Link To The Past and Ocarina of Time only have one musical theme that plays in a loop, each specific day in Clock Town has a different music arrangement. The different arrangements help set the mood for the upcoming day. This medley by Sad Cat Toys effectively weaves together the three “Clock Town” themes in Majora’s Mask. This cover, which is less than three minutes long, uses a variety of string instruments to create its sound. The first Clock Town theme is very calming and casual, but elements of tension start to creep in as the days progress. By the third day, the theme has become foreboding, heralding the coming disaster that will soon destroy all of Termina.

If you are interested in other video game covers and arrangements, Sat Cat Toys has a variety of enjoyable videos on their channel. In the past, they have covered songs from recent games like Omori, along with songs from long-standing franchises like Metroid, Super Mario, and Final Fantasy.

What do you think of this cover of the three “Clock Town” themes by Sat Cat Toys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Sad Cat Toys

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