Link’s Awakening holds a strange place in my life as a Zelda fan. Since I have never owned a Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Nintendo 3DS, I have had limited opportunities to (legally) play the game. Despite this, I am fascinated with the story and music of the game; both elements are distinct from many other games in the Zelda series.

As a fan of the credits themes from The Legend of Zelda games, this cover of Link Awakening’s ending theme was truly exciting. Performed on piano, the sound and speed of the piece steadily increase as the song progresses, starting out slow and gentle and moving toward frantic and frenetic by the end of the video. It is incredible to watch Dr. Martin Leung play the piano during the video, as his hand moves incredibly fast over the piano as the tempo continues to increase! Additionally, I enjoyed watching the credits play out in the top corner of the video while the music plays. More and more, I am itching for an opportunity to revisit this beautiful and distinct Zelda game!

What do you think of this piano cover from Link’s Awakening? Let us know in the comments below!

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