It is no secret that Breath of the Wild‘s soundtrack is much more tranquil compared to its predecessors in the series, but that does not mean that the music is low quality. To me, all of the songs in the new Zelda game are beautiful and peaceful enough for players to quietly relax to. One of these songs in particular is “The Champions’ Ballad,” which serves as the theme of the game’s second DLC pack. Although the original version of the song is absolutely amazing on its, a new music box arrangement by R3 Music Box on YouTube has made “The Champions’s Ballad” the perfect lullaby to fall asleep to.

The music box arrangement is a bit slower than the original version, and it really captures the beauty of the song’s melody. Closing your eyes while listening to this song will surely make you feel as though you’re travelling through Hyrule on a starry night. As you’re listening to the entire song, you will not only be reminded of Hyrule’s Champions, but it will sound almost as if Kass is playing the song just for you.

Be sure to check out the full video above and visit R3 Music Box’s channel for even more music box covers.

What did you think about the cover? Did it lull you to a peaceful slumber? Let us know in the comments below!

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