Some of you may remember Jaron Davis, who performed an acapella collaboration with Triforcefilms to produce a cover of the Hyrule Field theme from Ocarina of Time. One of his latest musical creations is another acapella cover coming from a game that is not talked about much in the Zelda franchise, Link’s Awakening. Davis says recreating this song brought back memories from when he first played the game on his Game Boy.

This cover is of the Ballad of the Wind Fish, and I must say it is breathtaking. Clocking in at one minute and 49 seconds, this acapella masterpiece is something you will not want to miss out on. It makes me want to go finish Link’s Awakening right now.

I’ve listened to this cover about twice now, going on a third. I have to hand it to Jaron for putting together such a wonderful video. In anticipation for his next Zelda cover, you can also listen to this acapella rendition he also produced of Midna’s Lament from Twilight Princess. Did you enjoy watching the video? Share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

Fan Art: Selladorra

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