Breath of the Wild introduced a host of exciting new characters to the Zelda series, and one of the most popular characters from the game is Kass. The Rito musician can be throughout the wilds of Hyrule, and the player can hear his accordion even before they spot the songster. Kass has two different behaviors depending on his locations. At the safety of various stables across Hyrule, Kass will recount songs about Hyrule’s history to Link. If Link encounters Kass in the wild, the Rito musician will often give Link information about a variety of side quests and secrets. One of the best things about Kass is that the character is on his own quest, and Link can help him fulfill that quest throughout the game.

Since Kass is the representation of music in Breath of the Wild, it is fitting that the Rito has a lively musical theme. This arrangement of “Kass’ Theme” by Marie Raine (featuring Tuntown Shironi) is a treat for any fan of the character or Breath of the Wild. One of the things that jumps out about this arrangement is the rich cast of instruments used throughout the piece. The song features accordion, cello, recorder, and acoustic guitar. In addition to these string and wind instruments, the arrangement also utilizes percussion like drums and xylophone. To round out the arrangement, Marie Raine also uses some choral elements. This rich combination of instruments is what gives the song such a rich sound, and it is exciting to hear the instruments slide in and out of the arrangement as it progresses.

In this delightful video, Raine is dressed as Kass (complete with white and red feathers behind the ear). Beautiful scenery of lush forest, vibrant fields, and tranquil streams is shown while the musicians play. The picturesque landscapes are augmented with sights from Breath of the Wild like the Silent Princess flowers, a moss covered Guardian, a Sheikah Tower, and a Korok. According to the video description, Raine learned the accordion specifically to perform this song, and she borrowed the childhood accordion of her brother-in-law.

What do you think of this rich arrangement of “Kass’ Theme” from Breath of the Wild? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Marie Raine

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