If you enjoyed Theophany’s Time’s End, or any other number of Zelda remixes, you’re in for a treat if you listen to “Waiting for the Dawn,” a Majora’s Mask EP by Rozen.

Rozen, a student at Berklee College of Music, released “Waiting for the Dawn” in two parts, but both tracks are now available to download for free on his official website. The first of the two songs is a remix of “Oath to Order,” telling the story of the Four Giants as they save Clock Town from a terrible fate. The second, “We Shall Greet the Morning… Together” tells the tale of love between Anju and Kafei as they reunite and decide to spend their final hours in each others’ arms, incorporating many themes from Majora’s Mask as it goes.

If you like Majora’s Mask, you’ll definitely want to head on over and give this EP a listen; it’s well worth your time.

Source: Rozen

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