Mipha was one of the most interesting new characters from Breath of the Wild. The Zora Champion was a gentle soul, who carried a deep affection for Link in her heart. In flashbacks, Mipha is seen trying to help those around her, whether it is healing Link’s wounds or supporting Zelda through her emotional struggles. Mipha exemplifies the simple kindness and support that people need in their everyday lives.

This cover of Mipha’s theme by Sam Griffin Guitar (of Super Guitar Bros. fame) captures the core of Mipha’s character. The acoustic guitar is melodious and calming, just like Mipha’s personality. This video presents a beautiful version of the song, visually accented with blue and red lights in the background, which remind me of the deep waters of the Zora’s Domain, as well the red scale color of Mipha and Sidon.

This guitar cover is perfect for anyone who needs to relaxing after a long day. The steady rhythm of the guitar will help the listener cut loose after a difficult or long day.

What do you think of this acoustic guitar arrangement of Mipha’s theme? Let us know in the comments below!


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