Sheik: “Time passes, people move…  Like a river’s flow, it never ends…  Now listen to the Serenade of Water to reflect upon yourself….”

Koji Kondo is a master composer, and Ocarina of Time‘s soundtrack highlighted his incredible musical skills in several distinct ways. Some of his most impressive accomplishments were the game’s twelve ocarina songs. With an extremely limited range of notes and rhythms, Kondo was able to create a dozen iconic songs, many of which have appeared in other Zelda games and the Super Smash Bros. series.

In this music box cover of “Serenade of Water”, R3 Music Box captures the simple beauty of Kondo’s ocarina songs. The tender sound of the music box enhances the ethereal sound of the serenade, evoking the mysteries of life and times that epitomizes Ocarina of Time‘s heartfelt nature. It’s a simple but beautiful tribute to Kondo’s composition.

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