From the booming overworld themes to the gentler music used for characters like Zelda and Mipha, the music of the Legend of Zelda series is unforgettable. Many Zelda fans have personal favorites from among the vast catalog, songs that move them in special ways. The series’ music is incredibly versatile including songs for every mood and tone.

One of my personal favorite songs is Ocarina of Time‘s “Title Theme”.  This was the first console Zelda in six years and its title screen strikes a tone quite different than its predecessor. While A Link To The Past has a booming introductory song, Ocarina of Time‘s theme is quiet and melodic. It’s an incredible piece that sets the tone for a powerful, beautiful game.

This cover by Amy Turk uses a harp and the eponymous ocarina to crystallize the quiet, calming atmosphere that the song is known for. It’s an excellent, if tradition version of the song, perfect for setting your mind at ease. Let your mind drift away to nostalgic memories of Hyrule Field at night.

What do you think of this cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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