The Synthetic Orchestra on Youtube has recently released a gorgeous rendition of “Beedle’s Ship Shop” from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker!

This cover was composed during a livestream using FL Studio, Kontakt 5, Spitfire Audio Albion, Loegria, Sable, Mural, BML Woods, BML Brass, Percussion, and Harp – all blended in perfect harmony to create this seamless piece.

Wanna see the process behind the making of this cover? The Synthetic Orchestra has also released a video of the livestream playback that recorded the entire process. It’s a really cool experience to watch, so I really recommend checking it out!

“Beedle’s Ship Shop” isn’t the only cover by The Synthetic Orchestra – this artist has also covered a number of other Zelda-themed songs, such as “Kakariko Village” and the Fairy Queen’s theme!

What do you guys think of their version of the “Beedle’s Ship Shop?” Don’t forget to leave a comment down below!

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