It took me what felt like a lifetime to beat A Link To The Past. Even when it was over, the game had one more gift to give to me: a beautiful end credits theme. As the game highlights the locations and characters that you encountered in your long journey,  a stirring, stunning piece of music guides you toward your final goodbye.

This piano cover by Laurence Manning captures the utter beautiful and emotional resonance of the end credits theme. This rendition of A Link To The Past’s final song masterfully balances the contemplative and rousing elements of the original tune. The Legend of Zelda‘s main theme is included, capturing the same feelings of joy and triumph that you feel when you complete the game. In contrast, the theme also contains quiet moments that could be seen as as a tribute to all the memories you have made in the game, as well as the sadness of a farewell.

This cover is very faithful to the melody and tone of the original song, but it substitutes the sounds of the SNES with a strong solo piano. The video also include some striking natural imagery and scenery to back up the beautiful melody.

What do you think of this A Link To The Past cover by Laurence Manning? Let us know in the comments below!

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