Zelda’s disguise as Sheik was one of my favorite aspects of Ocarina of Time. In the guise of Sheik, Zelda shares wisdom about life, loss, and change while teaching Link six iconic ocarina songs. The interactions between Sheik and Link illustrate a growth in the relationship between Link and Zelda. This growth is beautifully represented by the theme that plays during Sheik’s appearances.

This arrangement of Sheik’s theme by Amy Turk is short, but it captures the tone of the song perfectly. The choice to use a solo harp is fitting as it is Sheik’s primary instrument in the game. This song acts as a sort of sister tune to “Zelda’s Lullaby”; one song is used for Zelda as a princess, the other when Zelda is in disguise.

The song remains one of the hidden gems in Ocarina of Time‘s incredible soundtrack. The song is short, lasting only a minute or two in each appearance. The gentleness of the song is welcome in the dangerous world that Link and Zelda struggle to survive in. More than any other song in Ocarina of Time‘s catalog, Sheik’s theme lets the player know that no matter how dark the night, light will always find its way into the world.

What do you think of this arrangement of Sheik’s theme by Amy Turk? Let us know in the comments below!

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