With its release date finally upon us, all eyes and ears are now on Link’s Awakening. Fans finally have opportunity to once again experience the many sights and sounds of Koholint Island. What surprises could be we waiting in this Switch remake?

As we learned from recent promotional videos, the iconic song “Ballad of the Wind Fish” has been reimagined with lyrics for this new version of Link’s Awakening. The song, which was just a beautiful melody that Marin sang for you in Mabe Village in the original, can now be heard as a stunning vocal arrangement as part of the new game’s soundtrack. And players can now finally hear this arrangement in full!

The song starts off like this:

‘Sleepers wake, dreams will fade

Although we cling fast

Was it real, what we saw?’

The song’s melody feels so much more beautiful and haunting, and the lyrics are very foreshadowing to the game’s storyline:

‘Dream of me

By the sea

Hold my hand, think of me’

The scene with Link and Marin automatically comes to mind during this section of the song, and I love it so much! The rest of the song  The “Ballad of the Wind Fish” was originally released in Japanese and you can hear that version here.

What do you think of the added lyrics to the song? Let us know in the comments below!

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