It’s week three of Linktober! All month long, I’ve been combing the Internet, taking in the sights, and bringing you a tasty candy trove of curated art. This week, we’re looking at days 14-20 of the Linktober calendars. Last week, we saw a lot of wonderful traditionally drawn pieces. This week, we have a lot of digitally illustrated works to admire!

Before we get started, please remember:

  • All art is good art. Just because you don’t like a particular piece, doesn’t mean it’s bad.
  • Artists, if you don’t see your work on this week’s round-up, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good enough. Trust me, I saw your work and loved it too!
  • See a piece you really like? Don’t be afraid to like, comment, and follow the artist! Just click the artist’s username, and you’ll be on your way.

Now, it’s time to look at some art!

This Zelda redesign by __becbec is everything I didn’t know I needed in life. Who wouldn’t want a space battle opera in Hyrule?

This little Korok Zelda by _rottencandyapples is so adorable! I really wish this were one I could find in the wilds.

I am amazed by amandaoeiwells‘ rendition of Shadow Link. The ripple effect on the water is fantastic!

I adore art_of_jack‘s storybook style. I highly suggest visiting his portfolio and admiring his work!

Twilight Princess has some of my favorite character designs in the franchise. Seeing aurumsmii’s take of Twilight Zelda as a samurai is so cool!

The older I get, the more I realize how terrifying Majora Link must have been to the residents of Termina. Thanks crf_artroom for reminding me of that. Don’t forget to check out their Etsy shop!

Estmorzel has graced us with the most glamorous Zelda design I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine how amazing this would look as a cosplay?

All month long expatstudios has been creating these fantastic Zelda themed trading cards that you can download and color! They also run a YouTube channel filled with art and gaming goodness.

If I had my perfect vaporwave themed computer room, you’d better believe this piece by estellariss would be hanging in it.

This inspiring piece by heatherbeardcreative would also be in that room. I love how much energy and movement is in it! They run a Ko-fi shop where you can pick up prints and stickers.

Look at this little businessman by kikis_artjourney! I loved the mail mini-game in Wind Waker, and would love to see Link wear such a sporting outfit on his adventures.

I adore this piece by laviride, showing Koroks at play. I worry for the safety of the one sleeping under the helmet, but I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

Check out this Impa inspired make-up by marysw725! It’s so cool to see a bit of Linktober cosplay.

This Zelda redesign by mystic_siren_illustration gives me serious 80’s cartoon vibes. And I want this entire outfit. The artist runs an Etsy store as well!

Finishing out the week, we have thatoneschayne showcasing shields and weaponry from Breath of the Wild. Can you name them all? The artist also runs a crochet shop on Etsy


And that’s a wrap for week three! If you’re participating, don’t forget to tag your work with #linktober and #artistsoflegend so I can find it. Or, just drop a link to your work below in the comments.

Which piece was your favorite this week? Did you find a new artist to follow? Be sure to give them some love with a like and a follow, and let them know that Zelda Dungeon sent you. I’ll see you all next week, with another batch of amazing art!

November’s drawing challenge will be announced next Friday! 

Remember to have fun, and stay safe out there.

Brittany is an original content editor for Zelda Dungeon. She often judges clothing based off how many bunnies she could fit in the pockets. She’s also an artist, sharing her work on Instagram and TikTok!

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