In a new Breath of the Wild mod that was recently featured in an article by Kotaku, originally created by a modder going by the title WilianZilv on YouTube, we have finally been graced by a good Sonic game on the Nintendo Switch… Only joking. In all seriousness, this mod takes the recently added Master Cycle Zero from Breath Of The Wild and turns it into Sonic the Hedgehog, with the video showcase above also featuring Sonic sound effects and rings.

Adding some flair to the mod, WilianZilv included ring graphics and sound effects for when Sonic jumps, picks up rings, etc. While these added touches aren’t actually part of the mod, they do create a sense of authenticity. If you are capable of installing mods, this one might be interesting to try out.

WilianZilv has also created Breath of the Wild mods inspired by Grand Theft Auto and Looney Tunes.

Will anyone here be installing this mod? Do you think this will add a new experience to Breath of the Wild‘s dirt bike? We look forward to your comments below.

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