EWI It comes as no surprise that I love Link’s Awakening, very much, and in turn I love its music. Its overworld theme has always stood out to me because while it stays true to the usual Zelda overworld music, the parts that vary are incredibly unique and fit the game perfectly. I have to say Soundole VGM Covers’s rendition of the song is magnificent, due partially to the eccentric instrument used to produce it. Akai EWI 4000s are electronic wind instruments, similar to electric guitars but more like electric flutes, and they require a lot of skill to play successfully. Soundole VGM Covers was certainly successful.

To hear his version of the Overworld Theme from Link’s Awakening, hit the jump!

I really enjoyed this video. The instrument is so interesting because its sound is very similar to the original game’s electronic notes but definitely feels fuller, if that makes sense. I also liked the added touch of footage from Link’s Awakening running in the top right, as opposed to just screens of the musician. I would love to hear more Link’s Awakening songs covered in this fashion using the Akai EWI 4000, I think Tal Tal Heights would be incredible (he’s actually done Mabe Village and The Ballad of the Windfish before!).

Soundole VGM Covers is a video game music cover artist based in Australia who specializes in electronic wind instrument adaptations. In addition to his Link’s Awakening covers, he has done the Lost Woods and Sanctuary from A Link to the Past, Inside a House from Ocarina of Time, and the original The Legend of Zelda theme.

Concerning Link’s Awakening‘s Overworld Theme, he said, “This has always been my favourite overworld theme from the Zelda series for two reasons: firstly, the last 8 bars of it features a really cool chord progression that just screams ‘epic adventure’ to me compositionally…It’s always going to have a special nostalgic place in my heart.” He also intends to enter his cover in the 4th Pixel Mixers competition, which you can learn more about here.

What did you think of this cover? Do you like the Overworld Theme from Link’s Awakening? Would you like to hear more Akai EWI 4000 Zelda covers? Any other specific Zelda songs you’d like Soundole VGM Covers to play? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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