Link's Awakening Keibunsha Japanese Guide

This guide is for the original release of Link’s Awakening and was published by Keibunsha. This guide offers some of the officially released artwork from Nintendo, but not much else. The guide only offers 79 actual guide pages and it is not a 100% complete guide. For example, the guide does not provide locations for all secret seashells, but rather, only the 20 that are needed. Additionally, only the first 32 pages of the guide are in color, with the rest being in black and white. Page 3 of the guide does offer a short storyline portion, but it is in Japanese of course.

This guide is far inferior to some of the other released Japanese and English released guides and there is little reason to try to get your hands on this one, outside of it being a collector’s item for hardcore Zelda fans. It is a bit rare to get your hands on as well, as it doesn’t seem like this particular guide was widely available.

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Link’s Awakening Keibunsha Japanese Guide

I have a couple more imported Link’s Awakening guides, as well as a handful of other English and imported guides that should be available over the next few weeks.

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