Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:
Link's Awakening Futabasha Japanese Guide

I have added another Japanese guide from Link’s Awakening to the Strategy Guides section of the website.

This guide was published by Futabasha, of which the DX version of the guide was recently uploaded a few weeks backs. This guide offers a whole new set of artwork for the game, which is quite different from any of the artwork found in the official Nintendo guide or the DX Futabasha guide. It has much more of an anime look to the artwork. I’m not particularly found of the art, but it does look okay. I’ll likely get high quality scans and renders available in the future.

While we recently completed the Link’s Awakening Walkthrough for Zelda Dungeon, that doesn’t mean this guide isn’t worth looking at. Since it is in Japanese, most of us English speaking viewers are not going to be able to read any of it. However, you can get a good idea of the walkthrough and the appendixes just by glancing through the various screenshots.

I should be adding more miscellaneous strategy guides from the older Zelda titles in the coming weeks, including a few more Link’s Awakening imported guides that I’ve recently gotten my hands on.

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Link’s Awakening Futabasha Japanese Guide

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