Recent statements from Nintendo have clued us in a bit more on the pricing for games from the 3DS’s eshop. They haven’t explicity stated which games will be included in the eshop, or the pricing for those games, but they’ve given us a ballpark range for the games with the rock bottom price for any game being $1.99.

From the information released we learned the prices of the following games:
-$3.99 Super Mario Land
-$2.99 Alleyway
-$2.99 Radar Mission

All three of these games were made for the original Gameboy, and from everything we’ve heard the eshop will rely heavily on vintage Gameboy games. The main question to come out of this is will there be a price hike for Gameboy Color games? My favorite Gameboy Color title, Link’s Awakening DX, has been confirmed by Nintendo, and even though a higher end Gameboy game like Super Mario Land is going for the great price of $3.99, I can’t help but think that these especially low prices are used as a selling point of the 3DS and the eshop, meanwhile, titles that are released after the eshop launch will be priced higher.

Another worry of mine is that Alleyway is priced higher than the base price of $1.99. I played Alleyway on the original Gameboy and it’s pretty bare bones even for a Gameboy game. I’m not saying that the game isn’t worth the $2.99 price tag, but I’m worried it will open the door for games to sell at higher prices, especially games for the more recent Gameboy Color.

As for Link’s Awakening, I expect it will be one of the better games for the eshop and in reality it would be worth getting for quite a large amount, but let’s hope that this game and other great Nintendo titles follow suit and keep the relatively low price tag set by Super Mario Land.

Source: via Zelda Universe
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