Link's Awakening!If you remember one of our older posts, we mentioned that a virtual console will be released with the 3DS. This virtual console will act similar to the Wii’s virtual console except it will deal with Nintendo’s hand held games. Like the Wii’s VC, the 3DS’s VC will host our beloved hand-held Legend of Zelda games. One of the first games to be released for 3DS will be Link’s Awakening DX.

However, unlike the original Link’s Awakening DX, this version will have a new 3D mode. Using the 3DS’s 3D slider, you can control how you play Link’s Awakening DX and the strength of the 3D effects. Sliding the 3DS’s 3D slider to off, you can play Link’s Awakening DX with its original graphics. Similar to Link’s Awakening, Nintendo will be releasing Super Mario Land. They are the first two confirmed Game Boy games for 3DS’s virtual console. This brings up a few questions. How are you going to play the games? Will you play them in 3D mode or play them in the old school mode? How many of you will be playing Link’s Awakening for the first time on the 3DS?

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