New details about Linkle, along with two new scans of Ganondorf and his Trident, have been released on the official website for Hyrule Warriors Legends. The updated stages weren’t included in the site update, but details regarding Linkle and her backstory and how she fits into the plot of the game were revealed.

Linkle is a cheerful girl who grew up in a small village with lots of Cuccos, and she’s always willing to help someone in need. Her mysterious compass is a family heirloom, which was passed down to her from her grandmother. When she hears that Hyrule is in danger, she goes on a journey to save the kingdom. On her way, she encounters Skull Kid, who steals her compass. She also meets Midna in her true form. Famitsu states that her story is a “backstage” of the main plot.

Many of the images released were from cutscenes that tell this story, though there are also some of Linkle in action. There were also two images of Ganondorf with his new weapon: the Trident. Ganondorf’s character trailer will be revealed next week.

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Source: Game City (via Perfectly Nintendo)

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