Twilight Princess Link with Shadow Links

The Zelda series is seen by many players as a series that has great moral inspiration. People see it as a series that they can relate to their lives. I am one of those people. Then along comes this excellent article by TheWolfess from Zelda Universe, claiming that Link as a character, especially in Twilight Princess, is really hard for players to relate to. I found it odd that I was agreeing with it entirely. Put simply, the article deals with the philosophy of good and evil, and in the case of a fairytale like Zelda, ‘absolute good’ and ‘absolute evil’.

TheWolfess goes on to say that in Zelda, Ganon represents pure evil, and Link represents pure righteousness. There’s not a fault in him. For players truly to be able to relate to Link in Zelda Wii he needs to be more human. He has to have flaws. He needs to be, an anti-hero. Imagine how much more inspiration people would take away from Zelda if Link started as a drug addict and overcame his addiction as the game progressed. Or if he was always having arguments with his ex that he cheated on. Extreme, I know, but you get the picture. This is one of the best Zelda articles I’ve read for a while, and I read a lot of ‘em, so check it out and decide for yourself, which deadly sin would make Link easier for you to relate to?

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