Link to the Future

Unleash your inner nerd. This fan video made by director Grant Duffrin, who also plays Link in the video, takes place just after the events in Ocarina of Time. The video is really well made from the costumes to the acting and the graphics are pretty impressive too! Enjoy this hilarious video that takes a jab at the convoluted Zelda timeline.

I sort of want to pick the time line apart piece by piece, but I know that would be silly considering the writer included games like Soul Caliber and Super Smash Bros. I’m very impressed by the accuracy of Ocarina of Time’s final scene and the very large amount of knowledge displayed by the writer.

I love Back to the Future. The ending of the video is hilarious and hugely accurate to the film, which, is hard to do considering that it is set within Ocarina of Time. The premise of using Doc Brown’s explanation really bring attention to how convoluted the timeline really is, and this video also shows how upsetting it would be for Link to leave the world that he had just saved.

What did you think of the video? Are you as impressed as I was? Let us know in the comments below.

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