Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Japanese sales tracker Media Create has added amiibo sales data to their weekly report, and it reveals encouraging news for Zelda fans. According to their estimate, 104,000 figures have been sold across all characters and Link is the most popular figure from the group, having sold 16,000 units in Japan alone. This reflects the sales data Nintendo released for November, where we learned that Link was also the best selling figure in the United States. Media Creates attributes the figure’s success to Link’s functionality in multiple games; not only do players get the usual Super Smash Bros. support, but they also get to unlock a special weapon in Hyrule Warriors.

It’s extremely comforting to see Link top the charts during these sales, especially when it was released alongside Nintendo’s mascot, Mario. Hopefully we’ll get to see Princess Zelda hold her own during the release of Wave 2. Who knows? Maybe she’ll even do just as well as Link. Only time will tell.

Source: Media Create (Via Nintendo Everything)

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