Something that is new in Breath of the Wild that is different from almost every other Zelda game is that fact that Link does not have a companion to stay with him at all times during the game. In Ocarina of Time, he had Navi, in Twilight Princess, he had Midna. But this time around, Link is solo.

That makes the concept of using the Wolf Link amiibo so desirable. Wolf Link is kind of like a companion that you can use for the duration of your play as soon as you tap the amiibo in. Wolf Link will follow you around while you play and help you defeat enemies. He can also help sniff out items that are in the area and could be important for the player to grab. If the Wolf Link strays to far from the player, Link can whistle and call Wolf Link back.

It will be interesting to see how the game functions without a set companion, but hopefully the concept of the amiibo will be useful in filling the role!

Source: Nintendo

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