In 2013, filmmaker Jared Potter released an impressive live action short film titled The Skull Kid. Last week, Potter returned with (part one) media to release the first episode in a new live action Zelda webseries called Creatures of Hyrule. Each episode in the webseries will focus on a specific creature from the Zelda universe. Episode one, titled Glowing Eyes, features the mischievous ghost Poe as it playfully obstructs Link‘s path to a chest.

The CGI in this episode is the standout feature and is extremely cool. Seeing the Poe interact with a live action Link gives us an unsettling look at how the ghost would interact in the real world. The sound design is also impressive, effectively mixing a lot of familiar sound effects and musical themes throughout the episode. The ending is funny and charming as well, showing that the overall webseries isn’t going to express a strictly serious tone. As is the nature with webseries, I see the quality and production continuing to improve with each episode. I definitely look forward to seeing what other Zelda creatures the team brings to life.

What did you think? What creatures would you want to see in the next installments? Let us know!

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