Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Sailor Moon and Majora’s Mask were born to have their own crossover. They both obsess over the moon, both have guys who wear masks, and are both dealing with an overwhelming evil set out to destroy the world, so why not put the two together? Laura Kerger, known as ArtistGamerGirl on YouTube, did just that in her latest animation by showing us Link’s true Fierce Deity transformation process, in Sailor Moon fashion!

The parallels between Sailor Moon’s and Fierce Deity Link’s outfits make this crossover a perfect fit. From those red ribbons wrapping Link like a present, to his facial markings literally painting themselves on, to his magically appearing skirt, I was blown away by how true to the original animation this was. As an extra treat, at the end of the video she included her rough and clean-up animations to show a little of what went on behind the scenes. Who knew Fierce Deity Link would make such an adorable magical girl?

You can check out Laura’s other Zelda animations on her YouTube channel and see her other artwork on her Facebook page.

Did you like what you saw? Do you have an idea for her next Zelda animation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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