Super_Smash_Bros_4_merged_logo,_no_subtitleA recent Miiverse post from Masahiro Sakurai has revealed an interesting new stage in the Super Smash Bros.. Some people are calling it an indication of the return of the stage editor, while others think it is just a new stage, and are using the characters in the shot to theorize about what game it may be referencing.

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This could somehow be a joke, as it was posted on April Fools day, but who knows? Also, this is only a Wii U version shot, so this stage might not be in the 3DS version. I believe that the spiked ball is Kirby using his stone ability, and is not really part of the stage. Also, the design of the spring clashes with the design of the rest of the stage, suggesting that it is a stage editor level. Then again, Sakurai says that it looks like a “side-scrolling action game”. Between that and a simple look of the place, other people are saying it could be another Kid Icarus stage.

Honestly, with Link in the shot, the Zelda fan-boy in me is saying the “side-scrolling action game” Sakurai is talking about is The Adventure of Link, and that the stage is from that.

What do you guys think? What does this stage mean, and what might it entail? Leave a comment!

Source: Miiverse

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