Lindsay Anne Pepper has been a composer of music for more than twenty years, is an accomplished flutist and vocalist, and has placed her talents both on the web and on the big screen. In her more recent songs, she has produced beautiful covers of popular Legend of Zelda songs that embody emotions conveyed and not conveyed by the original tracks.

Her music effortlessly captures the soul and essence of the Legend of Zelda. In her rendition of the Legend of Zelda Lullaby, LA Pepper transforms the well-known song into a softer and soothing lullaby for her children who also happen to enjoy the games. On the other hand, her stunning orchestrated cover of Ballad of the Wind Fish truly captures the somber mood of the original version from Link’s Awakening.

Head over here for a playlist of Lindsay Anne Pepper’s Legend of Zelda covers, though it’s highly encouraged to check out her website for her original mixes as well!

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