Limited edition MM t-shirtPopular online retailer ShirtPunch has recently put up a limited edition Majora’s Mask-themed T-shirt on their front page for sale. The upside is that the shirt is only $10; the downside is that this sale is only on for 24 hours! So if you want one, you better get in there pretty quick!

Hit the jump to see the full design!



Limited edition MM t-shirt

I really like the design of the shirt, with the shadows being very reminiscent of the darker nature of Majora’s Mask. Are you going to get this shirt? It’s the final day, and only 24 hours remain to nab it for $10.

I’m a bit curious as to whether or not the shirt will sell out before the time is up. If you’re going to buy it, you’d better get in there quickly! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: ShirtPunch

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