The bundle version of Majora’s Mask 3D in the United States has been sold out since an hour after being available to order, but apparently there were enough orders available for it to take over the #1 spot in terms of video game related sales on Amazon. It beat out PlayStation and Xbox related shop cards, as well as Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Just Dance 2015. Unfortunately, if you live in an area without a local GameStop store, you missed out on your chance to order from Amazon. There is always a chance additional preorders will be accepted at a later date, as it is next to impossible for any of the 3 major retailers to know exactly how many of these bundles they are getting. Once they know, preorders could open again, so it’s good to sign up for email notifications.

You can still preorder at your local GameStop store most anywhere in the United States, and Frys if you happen to have one of those stores in your area. On a more Zelda Informer related note, yesterday was the most traffic ZI has ever had in one day, pushing 139,931 folks through our door. That’s more traffic than we got when the game was announced, or for any other game announcement in the history of the site. It is really amazing how many folks care about these Limited Edition bundles.

Source: Amazon

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