Canadian cheap-shirt website ShirtPunch is at it again today with another awesome Zelda-themed design! These guys have already brought us numerous cool, clever, and otherwise gotta-have shirts based on our favorite series, and they certainly have not disappointed with today’s design, “The Hero’s Journey.”

This shirt, which is dark blue in color, features a circular silhouette filled with all sorts of Zelda goodies. Jump inside for a better look!

This design is a great collection of most of the console Zelda games, with silhouettes of Link, Epona, Skyward Sword‘s Zelda, the King of Red Lions, Midna, the Skull Kid, The Wind Waker‘s Ganondorf, and the Crimson Loftwing . . . not to mention Navi, the Triforce, and the Master Sword! Most of the images are direct copies of the official artwork, but the collection is still very cool so there’s no objection from me.

If you’d like to buy this shirt (or hoodie, pin badge, sticker, poster, magnet, phone case, iPad cover, laptop decal, or video game console decal) just head on over to! The shirt is just $10, and most of the other available items are price according to what they are. Best act quickly, though, because this design is only available TODAY!

I’ve already ordered my shirt, and can say from past experience that even though these guys take a bit to send the shirt, the quality of their stuff is pretty good for the price and totally worth it! Will you be buying one of these? If so, do you think you will just opt for a shirt, or do you have your eye on one of the many other items? What do you think of the design itself? Let us know in the comments!