Have you ever wished to eat a Zelda character? Well, here’s your chance with this real life-sized Princess Zelda cake! It was created by Australian cake artist Emerald Stewart, whose hobby is designing and crafting geeky cakes and edibles for her friends and family. It all started on her daughter’s 1st birthday, when she created a Wind Waker-themed cake. In this occassion, to celebrate her 28th anniversary, Stewart decided to make herself this sweet Zelda bust, and it looks delicious.

This yummy sculpture is a more or less life-sized bust of Princess Zelda, measuring about 20 inches tall. Made of five chocolate and vanilla buttercream cakes put together, this artwork stands out for its remarkable attention to detail, from the stunningly well-defined facial features to the coloring used to make it as realistic as possible. Fine details are made out of fondant, and the gold finish was hand-painted by Stewart herself. The making of the cake took about a week in total.

Be sure to check Stewart’s A Song of Fire and Icing Facebook page, where you can see all of her other creations as well as the ones she plans to make in the future, including a Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask based cake and many more!

Source: CNET

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