hook Have you ever had the urge to scale a building, but lacked the tools to do so? Well fret no more because Roxanne Barrett of Etsy’s AmphigoryDesign has got just the thing for you– a life sized Ocarina of Time Hookshot replica! You can purchase a complete hookshot in a single chain or double chain design for $74.95 plus shipping, as well as an unpainted and unassembled version for $44.95 plus shipping. There are a limited quantity of these beauties available, so order yours before it’s too late (Disclaimer: Do not attempt to climb a building using this, it does not function as an actual hookshot)!

The Hookshot is 3D printed from a Replicator 2X and comprised of ABS plastic and acrylic paint; it is handmade and ships worldwide. Barret’s shop produces a number of nerdy replicas and jewelry pieces. In terms of other Zelda products, she makes a Bombchu replica, Silver Triforce Rupee Pendant, Silver Rupee Pendant, and a Fierce Deity Sword Pendant. Check them all out at her shop, AmphigoryDesign.


What do you think of Barret’s 3D-printed Hookshot replica? Will you be purchasing one? Would this be a good addition to your cosplay or Zelda merch collection? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Etsy