Way back during E3 2010, we got our first real look at Skyward Sword, but for the most part it was impossible to make out its music. It might be natural to assume the songs back then were the same as they are now, but forum user and article writer JuicieJ pointed out something extremely interesting that I had to share with you guys.

The song that Levias is fought to in the final game was used as the battle music during the E3 2010 gameplay, and likely the playable demo on the show floor. This was before the well-known three-part demo in which you could fly, do part of Skyview Temple, and fight Ghirahim; the area contained in this demo is a heavily modified version of Faron Woods, and doesn’t appear in the game. So it’s unclear if this particular use of the song was never intended to be in the final game either. It’s also fascinating because as I understand it, the Levias battle theme is the only fight song in Skyward Sword that isn’t orchestrated.

Videos of the song in the demo (the song can be heard easily in the fight at 7:18) and of the Levias song on its own for comparison are available after the jump.

I think this is really interesting. I remember wondering back then what the music would sound like, as most of the gameplay clips and trailers had bad sound quality. I remember hearing portions of the Faron Woods theme, but that was it. I think having this song would have been a lot more interesting than the game’s final battle song, which was very minimalist. Having this song set to the fights in the game would have made them feel a lot grander. Although perhaps it would have made the game seem a bit darker as well.

But what do you think? Do you think it’s interesting? Do you think that this was the original purpose of the song or that they just used it in the demo area to make it cooler? Tell us in the comments!

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