While we are busy throwing around our “own” Top 100 Moments in Zelda, it doesn’t stop the rest of the internet from sharing some of their Favorites. Level is a series at GameTrailers that features some of the best (and worst) moments in the top games ever made. Twilight Princess may not be your personal favorite game (or maybe it is!), but it’s still one of the better games to come out in the last decade. Snowpeak Ruins was definitely a dungeon idea that was completely unique for the series with it’s underlaying secondary goals of at first curing a poor yeti, to cleansing the evil out of her and reuniting lovers. In a way it was almost a small peak back in time to when Majora’s Mask gave out a lot of meaningful stories through side characters. Almost.

The fact I even brought up Majora’s Mask likely made several people facepalm, and I sure someone is going to say “can you guys just get over Majora’s Mask please?”. To that I say: No, I wont. However, we’ve gotten off track. Twilight Princess is indeed a great game, and this dungeon is one of my personal favorites in the entire series simply for the unique way it’s presented. It also helps the ball and chain is totally awesome. What was your favorite experience from Snowpeak Ruins?

Source: GameTrailers (via Zelda Dungeon)

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