This isn’t exactly what I had in mind for my first update today, and sure the syncing is “a tad” off at some parts, but why not kick off our 2nd day of being 3 with a phat beat? Alright, so it’s not “that great”, but as a former drum player myself I was naturally intrigued.

We have been really lax the last week in updating, so I apologize. We have been solely focusing on raising enough money to stay afloat, but that is no excuse to drop the ball like we have. You can look forward to a swift return to the ZI you all know and love. Articles, videos, news, and so much more is heading your way. If you experienced any downtime with the site in the last 24 hours, that was due to the server move. There are some other changes in store you will see over the next week to help improve ZI’s performance and speed, as well as making things not be so cluttered. Stay tuned.

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